Hand-made goods

All of the products on this site are hand-made by me in a small workshop. And by hand made, I mean with hand tools, not power tools. My current workshop doesn’t even have electricity.

There are a variety of reasons I’ve chosen to specialise in hand-tool work:

  • It’s quieter. There’s no need for ear defenders to avoid the roar of a table saw, and apart from a bit of chiseling here or there no noise to annoy the neighbours.
  • It’s cleaner. Hand tools don’t spray sawdust to every corner of the workshop, or require me to wear cloying dust masks (aside from a little sanding here and there).
  • It’s safer. There are no high-speed chips thrown at your eyes requiring uncomfortable goggles. No high-speed spinning blades to kick back at you. It’s much harder to lose a finger if you get distracted.
  • It’s good exercise. Really good exercise. And given how expensive gym memberships are, that’s a big cost saving!
  • It’s relaxing. The combination of all the points above make it a calming, pleasant experience, and turning raw wood into products with nothing but your hands and a few sharp tools is satisfying and rewarding.

With all that said, there are drawbacks to this approach. While much faster than most people think, there are some operations for which hand tools can be notably slower than power tools. This means I can’t produce huge quantities of products, instead concentrating on producing a smaller number of high-quality items.

This also means the products here are slightly more expensive than they would be if turned out using power tools, because it takes more time to make each one. That said, I do everything I reasonably can to keep my prices down, and I think you’ll find them competitive.