Custom woodworking

As I’m a one-man operation and can choose my own schedule, I have the flexibility to work on any custom projects you might want doing. As with my normal work, these will all be completed with the utmost care using hand tools, not power tools. I can produce things with a clean, contemporary look, or using traditional joinery techniques.

I specialise in small to medium projects; anything from coasters and small ornaments up to end tables and stools is within my usual wheelhouse. Please get in touch using the details below and we can discuss the project, prices, and timescales. While I try to keep things as affordable as possible and can work with you to help keep your items within your price bracket, please bear in mind I’m not going to be able to make you a solid walnut end table for the same price as the chipboard one from Argos. Examples of items I can produce include:

  • Small boxes (e.g. jewellery boxes, desk tidies, ring boxes, pen boxes, etc.)
  • Picture frames
  • Mirrors
  • Coasters and placemats
  • Whittled ornaments
  • Wooden flowers
  • Chopping boards
  • House name signs
  • Table lamps or candlesticks
  • Knife blocks
  • End tables
  • Stools

All of these items, and more, can be customised with any type of wood, made to any size, and with any joinery techniques you like the look of, to make sure the product matches you and your home perfectly.

I can also produce larger items, however due to the high cost of quality timber and the time taken for this kind of work, these items can get expensive quickly. For this reason I rarely undertake large furniture projects, although am happy to discuss options with you.

I don’t undertake broader carpentry work such as fitted wardrobes, home improvement, decking, and so on.

I am currently not taking on new custom work, so my contact details have been removed from this page. Please check back soon!