Born near London, raised in Somerset, honed at Warwick, living in Lincolnshire, and traveling the world for work. You know what they say…home is where the camera is.





How did it all begin?

I got my first digital camera, a tiny 2 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 2100, for my twelfth birthday. After a year of idly snapshotting nothing in particular, I got properly hooked into the hobby at thirteen with the masterpiece below; it was the first photo I ever remember being proud of, taken from the back of a boat on a family holiday.

The horizon may be wonky, the composition may be poor, and the resolution may be tiny, but from that moment on my fate was sealed. I was destined to spend all of my disposable income on camera equipment, and far too much of my time walking around in hiking boots in the cold and rain of the British countryside.

Where I am now?

Allegedly I’m a Master of Engineering with Fluid Dynamics, though the jury’s still out on that one. I work full time for an engineering consultancy company, providing technical advice and writing analysis software to do my work for me; why spend two hours doing something manually when you can spend four hours making sure it can be done automatically by a computer, forever? Sure, the machines will take my job in the end, but at least they’ll appreciate that I did the groundwork for them.

Thankfully, one thing computers can’t do for us (yet) is compose the perfect photo, so that’s a quest I’m still on in my spare time. Most of my older photography is from the UK, because I spent all my money on lenses and couldn’t afford to go anywhere. I still do that, actually. Luckily though, I’ve found a job where I get a few chances each year to travel for my work, and in between the 11 hour days have been taking full advantage of the weekends to broaden my photographic horizons. Yosemite National Park currently stands as the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, and I don’t think it’s going to be dethroned any time soon. I live in hope that it will, though. Because whatever beats it will be spectacular.

What do I shoot?

Landscape photography has always been my real passion. I blame that on growing up in Somerset, a beautiful part of the country with sweeping coastlines, soaring hills, endless green fields, and footpaths everywhere. When I retire, I know where I’m living. I also have a huge soft spot for macro photography, and try my hand at wildlife when I get the chance.

What lies ahead?

In an ideal world? Fabulous trips abroad, excellent weather, faultless composition, perfect timing, and a substantial handful of good fortune. But I’ll settle for rushed weekends away, plenty of frustration, and countless hours in Photoshop…because through all of that, those rare occasions when everything comes together are what make the hobby worthwhile.